Miss Silver detective novels (list)

  1. Grey Mask
  2. The Case is Closed
  3. Lonesome Road
  4. Danger Point (aka In The Balance)
  5. The Chinese Shawl
  6. Miss Silver Intervenes
  7. The Clock Strikes Twelve
  8. The Key
  9. The Traveller Returns (aka She Came Back)
  10. Pilgrim’s Rest (aka Dark Threat)
  11. Latter End
  12. Spotlight (aka Wicked Uncle)
  13. Eternity Ring
  14. The Case of William Smith
  15. Miss Silver Comes To Stay
  16. The Catherine-Wheel
  17. The Brading Collection
  18. Through The Wall
  19. The Ivory Dagger
  20. Anna, Where Are You? (aka Death At Deep End)
  21. The Watersplash
  22. Ladies’ Bane
  23. Out Of The Past
  24. Vanishing Point
  25. The Silent Pool (aka The Silver Pool)
  26. The Benevent Treasure
  27. The Listening Eye
  28. The Gazebo (aka The Summerhouse)
  29. The Fingerprint
  30. Poison In The Pen
  31. The Alington Inheritance
  32. The Girl In The Cellar

My copy of Danger Point also lists a couple of Wentworth novels which may not feature Miss Silver:

  1. The Blind Side
  2. Hue And Cry
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