Reading other book blogs

Reading other people’s blogs about books is fatal! Since I started blogging properly (posting regularly and trying to review every book read) last year, I’ve been reading more of other people’s book blogs. Some people are crazy prolific, it seems to me, and it’s sometimes hard to keep up! But the main thing, I’ve noticed, is that they all post reviews of books I want to read, and as a result my rate of book-buying is creeping up again.

I don’t want to sound as though this is a bad thing, since I’ve come across books that I wouldn’t have considered getting, and really enjoying them: currently I’m reading – and enjoying – To The Lighthouse by Virginia Woolf, a book that I’d never have considered if it weren’t for Nymeth’s recent review. But it is making the TBR pile bigger, since I have absolutely no will-power when it comes to buying books.

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