New style

I’ve changed my blog theme again to something that better reflects what I’m posting about, and which, hopefully, is easy to read and navigate. I also wanted to have main post text that was a little larger, and that was in a serif font (after having read Just My Type I’ve got very typeface conscious!).

The header is a photo of one of my bookshelves, containing mostly books I’ve read in the last year or so (though there are a couple there which I haven’t yet read: Mariana by Monica Dickens and District and Circle by Seamus Heaney).

Hope you enjoy it!

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3 Responses to New style

  1. Is that Banewreaker I see? 🙂

  2. Ela says:

    In case anyone’s interested, and can’t work out what the titles and authors are, from left to right they are:

    Robin McKinley – Chalice; Diana Wynne Jones – The House of Many Ways; Patricia Wrede & Caroline Stevermer – The Mislaid Magician; Jacqueline Carey – Banewreaker; Monica Dickens – Mariana; Ross Macdonald – The Barbarous Coast; Gladys Mitchell – Death at the Opera; Geoffrey Willans & Ronald Searle – Molesworth; Stella Gibbons – Nightingale Wood; Lois McMaster Bujold – Diplomatic Immunity; Aldous Huxley – Antic Hay; Iain M. Banks – The State of the Art; Patricia Wrede – A Book of Enchantments; Lawrence Durrell – Bitter Lemons of Cyprus; J. R. R. Tolkien – The Shaping of Middle Earth; Robert Heinlein – Stranger in a Strange Land; Seamus Heaney – District and Circle; Lois McMaster Bujold – Paladin of Souls; Alison Uttley – The Country Child; Barbara Euphan Todd – Miss Ranskill Comes Home; Agatha Christie – The Seven Dials Mystery; Edmund Crispin – Buried for Pleasure; Natasha Walter – Living Dolls: the return of sexism.

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