Bedside books

I do quite a lot of reading in (and on) bed – mostly because it’s the most comfortable place in the house to sit for a long period of time. When we redecorated our bedroom, I knew I wanted bookshelves for a bedside table, and we found some really nice oak bookcases in St Albans which were just the right size.

I use mine to keep my to-read books: once read, they get stuffed into another bookcase on the landing, or else put in a crate to keep them out of the way (we’re slowly doing up the house, and most of my books have been in storage for some time).

Here’s the top of the bookcase: there’s actually a few books on the top which I’ve read but mean to review, or am in the middle of reading.

Most of the bookmarks are from Hatchards (a lovely bookshop on Piccadilly which I can rarely enter and not emerge without having bought something). You can even see a bit of the patchwork quilt my mother made!

Then there are the shelves below, which I’m trying to keep clear of letters and charger cables and so on.

There are about forty actual books waiting to be read; and several more on my Kindle.

Do you have a ‘to be read’ pile? If so, where do you store the books which comprise it?

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4 Responses to Bedside books

  1. My problem with reading in bed is that I have trouble staying awake beyond the first few pages (possible because I stay up late reading blogs by other readers!). The daily commute is my reading window and so far I haven’t found a table that can conveniently accompany me on that…

    • Ela says:

      Commuting is where the Kindle comes in handy, of course – I’ve been reading the Father Brown stories lately on my commute (which is quite short).

      I know what you mean about reading other book bloggers, though… 🙂

  2. Jenny says:

    I am jealous of your little bedside bookshelf! I love having a bookshelf near the bed — if I don’t, the bed just becomes a cocoon of books and blankets, and then I have to carve out a place to sleep in.

    • Ela says:

      I like the idea of sleeping in a cocoon of books! Perhaps a bit knobbly, though. I do like our little shelves – they were exactly what we wanted. We do need good storage because my husband and I are avid acquirers of books, and very bad at disposing of them.

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