Reviews by author

Eric Ambler – Epitaph for a Spy
Eric Ambler – The Mask of Dimitrios
Zoe Archer – Rebel (Blades of the Rose 3)
Zoe Archer – Scoundrel (Blades of the Rose 2)
Zoe Archer – Stranger (Blades of the Rose 4)
Zoe Archer – Warrior (Blades of the Rose 1)
Kelley Armstrong – Haunted
Kate Atkinson – Started Early, Took My Dog
Margaret Atwood – The Penelopiad
Nicholson Baker – The Anthologist
Iain M. Banks – Matter
Iain M. Banks – The State of the Art^
Greg Bear – Blood Music
Sybille Bedford – A Legacy
Anthony Berkeley – The Layton Court Mystery
Katherine Birbalsingh – To Miss With Love*
Patricia Briggs – Blood Bound (Mercy Thompson 2)
Patricia Briggs – Moon Called (Mercy Thompson 1)
Anthony Buckeridge – Jennings and Darbishire
Anthony Buckeridge – Jennings Goes to School
Anthony Buckeridge – Jennings Follows A Clue
Anthony Buckeridge – Jennings’ Little Hut
Lois McMaster Bujold – A Civil Campaign
Lois McMaster Bujold – CryoBurn
Lois McMaster Bujold – The Curse of Chalion
Lois McMaster Bujold – Diplomatic Immunity
Lois McMaster Bujold – Komarr
Lois McMaster Bujold – Paladin of Souls
Candace Bushnell – Sex and the City
Italo Calvino – If on a winter’s night a traveller
Jacqueline Carey – Banewreaker (The Sundering, part 1)
Jacqueline Carey – Godslayer (The Sundering, part 2)
Kristin Cashore – Graceling
P. C. Cast – Divine By Mistake
John Dickson Carr – The Problem of the Green Capsule
Gail Carriger – Soulless
Sarah Caudwell – Thus Was Adonis Murdered
G. K. Chesterton – The complete Father Brown stories
G. K. Chesterton – The Man Who Knew Too Much^
Agatha Christie – The Clocks
Agatha Christie – The Murder of Roger Ackroyd
Agatha Christie – Mystery of the Blue Train
Agatha Christie – N or M?
Agatha Christie – Sparkling Cyanide
Agatha Christie – Towards Zero
Tom Clancy – The Hunt for Red October
Tom Clancy – Rainbow Six
Wilkie Collins – The Moonstone
Joseph Conrad – Heart of Darkness
Jilly Cooper – Lisa and Co.^
Douglas Coupland – Microserfs
Edmund Crispin – Buried for Pleasure
Edmund Crispin – Swan Song
Charles Darwin – The Voyage of the Beagle*
Andrew Davidson – The Gargoyle
E. M. Delafield – Diary of a Provincial Lady (I)
E. M. Delafield – The Provincial Lady in America (III)
E. M. Delafield – The Provincial Lady Goes Further (II)
E. M. Delafield – The Provincial Lady in Wartime (IV)
Michael Dibdin – Cabal
Michael Dibdin – Ratking
Charles Dickens – A Tale of Two Cities
Arthur Conan Doyle – The Sign of the Four
Lawrence Durrell – Bitter Lemons of Cyprus*
Lawrence Durrell – Prospero’s Cell*
Lawrence Durrell – Reflections on a Marine Venus*
Michel Faber – The One Hundred and Ninety-Nine Steps
Niall Ferguson – The Ascent of Money*
Jasper Fforde – Shades of Grey
Liz Filleul – To All Appearance, Dead
Cordelia Fine – Delusions of Gender*
Ian Fleming – On Her Majesty’s Secret Service
Simon Garfield – Just My Type*
Stella Gibbons – Nightingale Wood
William Gibson – Neuromancer
Malcolm Gladwell – Blink*
Misha Glenny – The Fall of Yugoslavia*
Misha Glenny – McMafia: Seriously Organised Crime*
Sue Grafton – S is for Silence
Andrew Gross – The Blue Zone
Justin Gustainis – Black Magic Woman
Dashiell Hammett – The Thin Man
Charlaine Harris – Club Dead
Charlaine Harris – Dead Until Dark
Charlaine Harris – Living Dead in Dallas
Seamus Heaney – District and Circle**
Robert Heinlein – Stranger in a Strange Land
Georgette Heyer – False Colours
Georgette Heyer – The Nonesuch
Georgette Heyer – Royal Escape
Georgette Heyer – The Talisman Ring
Aldous Huxley – Antic Hay
Diana Wynne Jones – Cart and Cwidder (Dalemark I)
Diana Wynne Jones – The Crown of Dalemark (Dalemark IV)
Diana Wynne Jones – Drowned Ammet (Dalemark II)
Diana Wynne Jones – Enchanted Glass
Diana Wynne Jones – The Pinhoe Egg
Diana Wynne Jones – The Spellcoats (Dalemark III)
Ryszard Kapuscinski – The Shadow of the Sun*
Guy Gavriel Kay – Lord of Emperors (The Sarantine Mosaic 2)
Guy Gavriel Kay – Sailing to Sarantium (The Sarantine Mosaic 1)
Guy Gavriel Kay – A Song for Arbonne
Guy Gavriel Kay – Tigana
M. M. Kaye – Trade Wind
A. S. King – Please Ignore Vera Dietz
Rudyard Kipling – The Jungle Books
Rudyard Kipling – Kim
Matthew Lewis – The Monk
Sinclair Lewis – Babbitt
Kevin Lynch – The Image of the City*
Ross Macdonald -The Barbarous Coast
Ross Macdonald – The Instant Enemy
Ross Macdonald – Meet Me at the Morgue
Ross Macdonald – Sleeping Beauty
Alistair MacLean – Bear Island
Alistair MacLean – Breakheart Pass
Alistair MacLean – Caravan to Vaccarès
Alistair MacLean – The Golden Rendezvous
Alistair MacLean – Goodbye California
Alistair MacLean – Night Without End
Alistair MacLean – Seawitch
Alistair MacLean – The Way to Dusty Death
Sara Maitland – A Book of Silence*
Ngaio Marsh – False Scent
Edward Marston – The Railway Detective
Anne McCaffrey – Restoree
Ian McEwan – Atonement
Robin McKinley – Pegasus
Herman Melville – Billy Budd, Sailor
A. A. Milne – The Red House Mystery
David Mitchell – Cloud Atlas
Gladys Mitchell – Death at the Opera
Joyce Carol Oates – My sister, my love
Ouida – Moths
Elizabeth Peters – The Seventh Sinner
Terry Pratchett – Carpe Jugulum
Terry Pratchett – Unseen Academicals
Philip Pullman – The Good Man Jesus and the Scoundrel Christ
Nicholas Rankin – Churchill’s Wizards*
Rick Riordan – Percy Jackson and the Battle of the Labyrinth (3)
Rick Riordan – Percy Jackson and the Last Olympian (4)
Rick Riordan – Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief (1)
Rick Riordan – Percy Jackson and the Titan’s Curse (2)
Matt Ruff – Fool on the Hill
C. J. Sansom – Dissolution (Matthew Shardlake 1)
C. J. Sansom – Dark Fire (Matthew Shardlake 2)
C. J. Sansom – Sovereign (Matthew Shardlake 3)
Dorothy L. Sayers – Five Red Herrings
Dorothy L. Sayers – Have His Carcase
Dorothy L. Sayers – The Nine Tailors
Dorothy L. Sayers – Unnatural Death
Dorothy L. Sayers – Whose Body?
Paul Scott – The Jewel in the Crown
Jo Shapcott – Of Mutability**
Nevil Shute – The Far Country
Nevil Shute – Round the Bend
Nevil Shute – Trustee from the Toolroom
Joan Smith – Different for Girls*
Joan Smith – A Masculine Ending
Joan Smith – What Men Say
Martin Cruz Smith – Wolves Eat Dogs
Muriel Spark – Memento Mori
Carolyn Steel – Hungry City*
Neal Stephenson – Zodiac
Bram Stoker – Dracula
Robert Louis Stevenson – Kidnapped
Mary Stewart – Airs Above the Ground
Mary Stewart – The Gabriel Hounds
Mary Stewart – The Ivy Tree
Mary Stewart – Madam, Will You Talk
Mary Stewart – Nine Coaches Waiting
Mary Stewart – Rose Cottage
Mary Stewart – Stormy Petrel
Mary Stewart – This Rough Magic
Mary Stewart – Thornyhold
Mary Stewart – Touch Not The Cat
Mary Stewart – Wildfire At Midnight
Simon Swift – Black Shadows
Sheri S. Tepper – Grass
Rosy Thornton – Hearts and Minds
J. R. R. Tolkien – The Lord of the Rings
J. R. R. Tolkien – The Shaping of Middle-Earth
J. R. R. Tolkien – The Silmarillion
Barbara Euphan Todd – Miss Ranskill Comes Home
Kurt Vonnegut – The Sirens of Titan
Natasha Walters – Living Dolls: The Return of Sexism*
Patricia Wentworth – The Clock Strikes Twelve
Patricia Wentworth – Danger Point
Geoffrey Willan & Ronald Searle – Molesworth
Bill Willingham et alia – Fables: Animal Farm (Fables 2)^^
Bill Willingham et alia – Fables: Legends in Exile (Fables 1)^^
Bill Willingham et alia – Fables: Storybook Love(Fables 3)^^
Richard Wiseman – Quirkology*
Virginia Woolf – To The Lighthouse
Patricia Wrede – Thirteenth Child
Richard Yates – A Good School

* Non-fiction; ^ Short stories; **Poetry; ^^Graphic novel


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